Real Estate

Union Investment has a longstanding presence in the real estate market and is highly regarded as a professional manager of real estate investments. We maintain extensive relationships with the most influential real estate developers globally and our reputation and influence in the market ensures investors can consistently gain exposure to high quality holdings. 

Our Approach

We have a particular emphasis on investments in office space and business parks, as well as retail properties, business hotels and logistics properties in select locations. Investing in a mix of property sectors, regions and sizes allows us to optimise performance and diversify holdings. Regional offices and long-term local partners provide access to the international real estate market.

Our Team

There are five dedicated regional and sector specialist investment management teams based in Hamburg, Paris, Madrid, New York and Singapore. The teams are responsible for sourcing real estate, coordinating with operating departments and additional committees, acquisitions and budget management.

Our Expertise

Our expertise is focused on global real estate, European real estate, German real estate and thematic portfolios.

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Your contact person

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Expert views

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