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Our intelligent multi-asset solutions combine the capital markets expertise of the entire portfolio management team. The combination of different asset classes and styles, combined with our active management approach, can significantly reduce risk. This makes multi-asset funds a sought-after investment solution in an increasingly complex and challenging market environment.

Multi-asset funds offer investors efficient access to different asset classes or management styles through a single investment solution. The broad diversification of investments often not only delivers strong performance, but can also significantly reduce investment risk in many market phases. Our actively managed multi-asset funds also make use of selected fund strategies. The mix of different investment strategies and styles enables intelligent risk management and can help to further reduce portfolio risk.

Our investment strategy is driven by the Union Investment Committee (UIC). With the UIC, we have completely redefined the decision-making process. The aim is to integrate our portfolio management skills even more effectively and to incorporate the ideas of all our colleagues in order to intelligently combine our capital market expertise. To this end, all market views and investment ideas from all areas of portfolio management are brought together and evaluated.

At the end of this systematic process, an investment strategy, consisting of a risk orientation and a multi-asset model portfolio, is developed, which serves as a guideline for the daily work of all fund managers in the multi-asset area.

Absolute Return

Tobias Schmidt

Head of Absolute Return (Multi Asset)

In a market environment characterised by low returns in many asset classes, absolute return approaches are becoming increasingly important. Our innovative multi-asset solutions therefore rely on a flexible investment universe. In addition to traditional investment instruments, we use a mix of alternative risk premia, quantitative strategies and customised and optimised third-party fund solutions. We also draw on the knowledge and experience of the entire portfolio management team by implementing investment ideas from different organisational units in a controlled and structured process. By incorporating risk management techniques, we can optimise the performance of our funds while reducing portfolio risk.

Relative Return

Alexander Wagner

Alexander Wagner

Head of Relative Return Management (Multi Asset)

With historically low interest rates and high volatility in equity markets, the risk appetite of many investors has changed dramatically. The objective of limiting price fluctuations and losses is at the forefront. In our multi-asset products, we therefore rely on an innovative and diverse investment universe to limit portfolio volatility and investment risk. By responding quickly and dynamically to changing market conditions, our multi-asset experts can systematically exploit market opportunities, manage value fluctuations or hedge assets in a structured way.

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