Our awards

Renowned consulting firms regularly confirm Union Investment's outstanding quality in both portfolio management and customer service.

Coalition Greenwich: Union Investment is "Greenwich Quality Leader 2022"

Coalition Greenwich has named Union Investment a "Greenwich Quality Leader" in overall German institutional investment management for the fifth time (following 2015, 2019, 2020 and 2021).

<p><span>Coalition Greenwich: Union Investment is "Greenwich Quality Leader 2022"</span></p><br/>

This is the result of this year's survey of institutional investors in Germany by Coalition Greenwich, the world's leading provider of strategic benchmarking, analysis and insights for the financial services industry. According to the company, Greenwich Quality Leaders stand out for their particularly high quality of customer service in a challenging year for the capital markets.


Harald Rieger, Head of Institutional Clients, is pleased with the very good results: "Institutional business is characterized by extremely intense competition. For this reason, our efforts are focused on quality leadership with a high level of customer satisfaction. The fact that we have now been named 'Quality Leader' for the fourth time in a row is a huge success and confirms our claim to be one of the leading asset managers for institutional investors."

Good grades from PRI

The PRI organization, which is supported by the United Nations, has assessed how Union Investment has anchored sustainability criteria in the investment process. Here you will find the overall results.

Good grades from PRI

FNG-Label 2023

Mutual funds with the FNG label comply with the quality standard for sustainable investments developed by Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen e.V. (FNG) in German-speaking countries. Successfully certified funds pursue a stringent and transparent sustainability approach.

FNG-Siegel 2023

Two Union Investment funds were awarded two stars for particularly sophisticated and comprehensive sustainability strategies.

The Austrian Eco-Label

On March 10, 2016, a Union Investment fund was awarded the Austrian Ecolabel by Environment Minister Andrä Rupprechter in Vienna. The certificate is awarded to products of all kinds that, after rigorous testing, meet the highest ecological, health and quality requirements.

The Austrian Eco-Label

Investors want a clear picture of the ecological-social concept of their fund. In the financial sector, the Austrian eco-label certifies ethically oriented projects and companies that generate profits through sustainable investments.  Funds with the eco-label present this information according to the transparency guidelines of the European Sustainable and Responsible Investment Forum.
Thus, the Austrian Ecolabel confirms that Union Investment does not invest in or trade in nuclear power, armaments. It also certifies that key human and labor rights are respected and that political, social and environmental standards are complied with.

For 25 years now, the Austrian eco-label has been regarded as a guarantee of high environmental standards and quality. The award thus reinforces Union Investment's position as an asset manager with a high level of sustainability expertise in the Austrian market.