Vielfalt der Geschlechter

It’s all about the right mix.

Equality of opportunity is important to us.

Gender diversity

Mixed-gender groups that approach complex problems with a range of skills and perspectives can achieve more together than all-male or all-female groups. For teams this means: the more diverse, the more successful. Gender diversity increases strength and promotes innovation, which is why we promote gender equality with a wide range of measures. We provide support with individual career planning and work-life balance.

What we are doing to promote equal opportunities in the workplace

Union Investment currently employs around 4,000 people, of whom 1,800 are female. This equates to 45 per cent of the workforce.



are working for our customers.


Female share

in the entire workforce.

Achieving more together

Union Investment is aware of its responsibilities as an employer. That is why we support numerous initiatives aimed at boosting women’s career opportunities, such as the Young Women Leadership programme in partnership with SYNK Business School. We also fund studies on promoting women’s careers and are an active supporting member of the ‘Fondsfrauen’ career network.

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We are continually evolving

We facilitate lifelong learning for all employees and in equal measure, from specific training to careers advice and much more besides. We also offer special support programmes for women. This includes formats such as the ‘Forum Frauen in Führung’ (women in management forum) conference and the ‘Karrierewerkstatt’ workshop, which allows women to plan a path for their careers and lives.

Dr. Vanda Rothacker, ESG-Analystin

“Every new perspective brings new ideas, and therefore a return. Diversity adds a breath of fresh air and helps to break down old ways of thinking.”

Dr Vanda Rothacker, ESG Analyst at Union Investment with a focus on corporate governance, talks about diversity in asset management

It is a well-known fact that the proportion of women working in portfolio management is low. However, the figure has increased in recent years, including in Germany.
Dr Vanda Rothacker describes her experiences and explains why diverse teams are more successful.

We are flexible and facilitate a better work-life balance

Flexible and remote working are common practice at Union Investment. This is how we create the space for our employees to develop professionally and personally. Nowadays, many employees want to spend more time with their family and on leisure activities. We are happy to accommodate this through a variety of part-time working models. In addition to offering flexible working hours and mobile working, we also support working parents with childcare. We provide nursery places and parent-and-child offices, for example, and subsidise the costs of kindergarten. We also offer options for employees who are carers, so that they can better reconcile work and care provision. Options include time off for providing care, special training courses and regular talks by experts. By offering a family-friendly work environment, we are making an important contribution to a better work-life balance and therefore to the wellbeing of our employees.

Number of existing working time models


Matthias Winge, Capital Markets Specialist on Union Investment’s portfolio management team, decided to reduce his working hours to 85 percent back in 2015.

Here he tells is what he values most about his employer:

Matthias Winge, Kapitalmarktspezialist

”What I really value at Union Investment is the excellent work-life balance. Following the birth of my second child, I realised how important it is to me to fully enjoy the first years of my children’s lives, before they go their own way. It wasn’t enough for me to come home in the evening, have dinner together and then just put the children to bed. So I reduced my working hours a little which allows me to do something with my children in the afternoon six days a month. And I have to say it has been absolutely worth it. At the same time, it has given my wife the opportunity to increase her hours. I think it’s great that I can adapt my hours to specific stages in my life.”



Union Investment is actively involved in gender diversity and has been a certified Top4Women employer since 2016. The certification highlights our goal of increasing our pool of talented female employees, retaining female high-potential employees and offering them long-term career prospects.

‘audit berufundfamilie’ certification

We have undergone ‘audit berufundfamilie’ certification since 2011, and we were permanently certified in 2020. The audit underlines our family-friendly HR policies and helps us to implement tailored and beneficial approaches to work-life balance.