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Union Investment Institutional GmbH is part of the Union Investment Group. This site explains who else belongs to our Group and how it is structured. There is also detail regarding our position on sustainability, how we safeguard our investors' assets and how we became what we are today.

The Union Investment Group at a glance

Being part of a strong community is in our DNA. We belong to the German cooperative financial network and offer solutions for institutional, retail and real-estate clients. We have stood for partnership and professionalism in fund management for more than 60 years, serving investors and shareholders.

Our Group was founded by over a dozen cooperative banks within the cooperative financial network, plus a number of private banks. They brought together the private banks' decades of experience in fund management with the broad structure and values of the cooperative banks. Today, more than four million customers have placed their trust in us, demonstrating that this is a winning combination. We manage a volume of €386 billion (as at 30 December 2020), making us one of the leading fund management companies in Germany. The success of Union Investment enables people: our employees who are experts in their field with their strong Performance; our investors who trust us; and our strong partners in the cooperative financial Network.

One company, one goal


Our mission is to grow investors' assets

Hans Joachim Reinke

Chairman of the Board

Assets under Management (total):

386 bn. Euro

thereof institutional assets:

212 bn. Euro

  1. As at 30 December 2020

Structure and areas of expertise

We have created clear structures and areas of expertise in order to offer investors the best solutions.

Union Asset Management Holding AG coordinates the activities of numerous subsidiaries, each of which is an expert in its particular field. This ensures that Union Investment has experts available to offer the best solutions for institutional investors and retail clients.

With over 3,290 employees, we are the fund management expert for institutional and private investors in the cooperative financial network.


Shareholder structure


Union Investment is the dedicated asset manager within the German cooperative financial network. All shareholders are also part of the network, which ensures a stable and long-term ownership structure. This allows us to maintain a sustainable business model and develop strong, long-term client relationships.

Cooperative financial network

Union Investment is the asset manager within the German cooperative financial Network.

financial network

Investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on our belief that markets are inefficient. Long-term outperformance is, therefore, best achieved through a combination of fundamental research, actively managed security selection and robust risk management. This conviction lies at the heart of all our investment solutions. We offer a transparent investment process, which allows clients to keep track of our investment decisions.

We take an integrated approach to portfolio management, with every portfolio manager also acting as a senior research specialist. This structure enhances the team’s commitment to the process and helps to ensure accountability for investment performance.

Union Investment for institutional clients

The institutional clients division focuses on asset management combined with effective risk management and solutions for socially responsible investing.

Union Investment for retail clients

The retail clients division is all about offering solutions for every stage of life – from paying into a pension scheme and accumulating savings to investing money and structuring assets.

Union Investment for real estate

Our real-estate division is one of the leading players in Europe. Its focus in Germany, Europe and worldwide is on open-ended real estate funds for retail and institutional clients.

More than 60 years' experience: Union Investment Group

The markets are moving at an ever faster pace, and investors' needs and wishes are changing accordingly. For us, clientes' wishes always come first, and we seek out innovative solutions to bring them to fruition.

More information about our competencies

Protecting investors is our priority

We manage the assets of investors in trust. That is why we offer investors a high level of protection by safeguarding their assets, setting high standards for ourselves as well as in collaboration with third parties. For example, we adhere to the code of conduct of the Federal Association of German Fund Management Companies (BVI) and engage in critical dialogue with companies in which we invest – for the purpose of good and responsible corporate governance.

We see ourselves as an active investor that champions good and responsible corporate governance for the benefit of our customers. After all, well-managed companies offer investors greater opportunities for rewards with lower risks, thus underpinning their trust in investing in securities.

Jens Wilhelm

Member of the Management Board

What we do to protect investors

    • As trustees of the money that our clients invest, we ensure that our actions are responsible and that our investment strategies are transparent and verifiable. We therefore ensure that we communicate clearly with both our customers and investors.
    • We adhere to the code of conduct of the BVI, which is the standard for the good and responsible handling of investors' money and rights in the investment industry.
    • We provide our customers with full details of fees and price changes
    • We ensure and demand that the companies in which we invest follow the rules of responsible corporate governance
    • We champion the interests of investors at annual general meetings and in more than 4,000 meetings with company representatives each year

Sustainability born of tradition

Our activities have been based on sustainable and socially responsible business since our establishment in 1956. The responsibility that we assume is twofold: offering sustainable products and services and doing business sustainably. Within the company, we seek to ensure sustainability in relation to the environment, employees, corporate citizenship and procurement.

We believe sustainability has three dimensions: ethical, social and environmental.

The importance of sustainability to us can be seen from the fact that we offer sustainable solutions to our customers in all areas. We invest in eco-friendly real estate, give institutional clients the option to define screening criteria for their portfolio investments and offer funds focused on socially responsible investments to retail clients.

Sustainable Investments for institutional clients

We have been offering institutional clients the opportunity to invest in a socially responsible way for more than 20 years. Discover the possibilities.

  • More Information about sustainable investment solutions

Sustainable corporate management

Four million customers and around 3,000 employees place their trust in us. We see sustainable corporate management as an essential part of business.

Sustainable funds from Union Investment

We are Germany's leading provider of sustainable funds. Find out what criteria we apply when we construct these funds.

Sustainable real-estate investments

When it comes to investing in sustainable buildings, we lead the way with our open-ended real estate funds.

Our history

Find out what Neil Armstrong and Union Investment have in common

History of Union Investment
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