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As one of the most experienced German fund managers, Union Investment has acted as a professional asset management partner to institutional investors for decades. Efficient risk management is a particularly important component of all our investment processes.

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  • UIC

    Moderately bullish positioning confirmed

    At its February meeting, the Union Investment Committee (UIC) confirmed its moderately bullish positioning (RoRo meter at level 4). In light of the recent rise in real returns, however, it has slightly reduced its weighting in equities. Nevertheless, the upward forces of the economic outlook, corporate profits and the US fiscal stimulus remain dominant.

  • Press release

    Strong tailwinds for the capital markets

    The capital markets started 2021 on an optimistic note. Jens Wilhelm believes that this is justified despite the lingering pandemic. “We are seeing strong tailwinds,” he explains. “The combination of expansionary monetary and fiscal policy and a breakthrough in the fight against the pandemic thanks to vaccination campaigns is providing a steady boost for risk assets.”

  • Press release

    Union Investment continues to grow despite the coronavirus pandemic

    Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Union Investment can look back on a successful 2020. The company generated net new business of €15.1 billion (2019: €19.4 billion), which is on a par with the figure for 2018 -  "This is a remarkable achievement in these challenging times” says Hans Joachim Reinke

  • Investieren im Spannungsfeld negativer Realzinsen

    Investing at a time of negative real interest rates

    The market environment is beginning to brighten thanks to the start of COVID-19 vaccination campaigns, and optimism in the stock markets is growing. But even if the economy recovers over the course of the year, there is no prospect of a significant rise in interest rates. Conservative fixed-income assets are among the losers in this world of negative real rates of return. But where are the winners?

  • Commodities

    A tailwind for commodities

    Investors remain optimistic about the economic outlook and the prices of most commodities have advanced significantly since the start of the new year. In some cases, prices were driven up by financial investors. Oil recently recorded the biggest gains, while demand for industrial metals depends on the trajectory of China’s economy. Gold, on the other hand, has limited upside potential in the near term.

  • March 2020: Market news and expert views

    Market news and expert views: February 2021

    Economy, growth, inflation and monetary policy – the monthly report ‘Market news and expert views’ will keep you informed about the latest developments and our expert assessments. It will also give you a comprehensive review of and outlook for the relevant asset classes. (As at 3 February 2021)

  • More colour in the bond market

    More colour in the bond market

    Low yields will continue to dominate the picture in 2021. But the bond market is becoming more diverse - greener, bluer, longer-dated. New bond forms and securities with extremely long maturities are gaining prominence. Time to take stock of what is hidden behind the "exotics" and what investors should look out for.

  • The debate surrounding Modern Monetary Theory

    The debate surrounding Modern Monetary Theory

    Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) suggests, controversially, that rising levels of government debt do not in and of themselves pose a problem. Once a fringe school of thought, MMT is now helping to shape the discussion surrounding monetary and fiscal policy. Many questions remain open, however, particularly for the eurozone. We have prepared an overview for you.

  • How to tame the debt monster

    How to tame the debt monster

    The German government is planning to take on new debt amounting to €314 billion in 2020 and 2021 in order to soften the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Will government debt in industrialised countries continue to grow until it eventually reaches a point at which it can no longer be serviced? And are countries at risk of defaulting, as was the case with Greece in 2012?

Our awards

A+ Rating by PRI

Union Investment given A+ rating by PRI

The United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) initiative has awarded Union Investment its top mark of A+ in recognition of the company's overarching approach to responsible investment.

Sustainability strategy awarded has been the FNG Label

FNG Label 2020

Six Union Investment funds received the FNG Label of approval for sustainable investment funds. Mutual funds that have been awarded the Sustainable Investment Forum (FNG) Label comply with the quality standard it has developed for sustainable investments in the German-speaking countries.